Bringing more African voices into Global Debates


Our mission is to bring more African voices into Global debates - debates that shape the world we live in.


We seek to provide a comprehensive, searchable online database of Experts on Africa who are active in a range of different sectors including health, agriculture, the economy and trade to ease the access to African expertise for international institutions, media and think tanks.

Our platform aims to increase seasoned specialists' accessibility and visibility to international institutions, think tanks and media, while providing support for media relations, public speaking, and assisting them in joining and consolidating their presence in communities of experts.


Media Training Competition
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Experts on Africa and the African Media Agency launch an exclusive media training competition to equip Experts with the media and public speaking skills to improve their visibility and inform global debates.


The competition is open from 20 September - 14 October 2022. 



Experts on Africa Launches

25 May 2022

Experts on Africa set to bring more African voices into Global debates. Read more...


How to Write About Africa Revisited

1 May 2022

Nearly two decades after Binyavanga Wainaina’s satirical essay How to Write About Africa was published to African glee and Western discomfort, its subject matter continues to reverberate with increased significance. Read more...